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Tweseldown Infant School

Tweseldown Infant School

Year 2

As we move into the second half of the Spring Term the children will be completing lots of learning based on their new topic of ‘Queens.’ This is a History based topic and so the children will be exploring sources of information to develop their knowledge of Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. The children will learn about what life was like during each of the Queen’s reign and discuss the impact each Queen had on everyday life. The children will visit Kensington Palace to learn about Queen Victoria’s childhood. As we head towards the Easter holiday the children will discuss what ‘belief’ means and learn about the Easter Story.

As part of both their English and History learning the children will be writing information about Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II using a range of forms including a diary, newspaper, and leaflet. After visiting Kensington Palace the children will write a recount of their day. The children will continue to practise their handwriting on a daily basis and learn different spelling rules to support them to accurately spell words. Towards the end of the term the children will evaluate and recite poems before composing their own.

The use of factual writing will be applied in the children’s Computing curriculum, as they will be using PowerPoint to create a presentation of information about the Queens being studied. The E-Safety this half term will address the idea that not all information on the internet is factual, and the children will be taught how to ‘be the judge’ when presented with information.

This term in Maths the children will be learning about fractions; recognising, finding, naming and writing fractions. They will focus on ½, ¼, 2/4, and ¾. After learning about fractions the children will then learn about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes before developing their understanding of sequences and patterns. Towards the end of the half term the children will learn to tell the time using quarter past and quarter to, before moving onto learning methods for solving addition and subtraction.

For DT this half term, the children will be designing and making boxes. They will look at boxes in everyday life before designing their own box. The children will then build their design and evaluate it.

In PE this half term the children will be learning about fitness. They will be taking part in a range of activities to develop their fitness and an understanding of why it is important to stay fit. The children will also continue to develop their understanding of team sports and practise their skills in a range of team games.

Science is all about ‘Pushes and Pulls.’ The children will investigate how and why objects move, and think about the impact of a push or pull to give motion. There will be lots of experiments to develop understanding of forces and provide opportunities to apply the knowledge the children gain.


This half term as part of their RHE learning the children will learn about ‘friendship.’ They will think about what makes a good friend and how they can be a good friend to others. In discussions they will consider how to make a friendship last and how to solve problems within a friendship. The children will talk about belonging and the different qualities that each of us have.