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Tweseldown Infant School

Tweseldown Infant School

Year 1

That is amazing! Wow, how does it work? When was it made?

These are just some of the questions that the children will be exploring in our topic ‘Bright Ideas’. We will start by exploring the books Rosie Revere Engineer and Mrs Armitage on Wheels and use these as inspiration for our own stories with a ‘bright idea’.

Jumping back in time, our historical learning will be about inventions and how different inventions have changed the world. We will look specifically at the Victorian era and ‘The Great Exhibition’ in 1851. We will locate where this happened in London and who could be found there. We will transport the children back to this time and help them to understand how it would have felt to see all of these incredible inventions in one place. With our thinking caps on, we will consider inventions that have not yet been created and what inventions the children think would be useful in their lives.

Our science learning is all about plants and we will recap our work on the seasons, learn how a plant grows and what they need to survive. We will even have a go at growing some ourselves! Hats, is our focus in art, and we will look at different designs as well as learning about the milliner Philip Treacy. Children will consider different shapes and sizes of hat before deciding on a favourite and creating their very own to wear and share at their own exhibition. In PE, the children will continue to develop their skills of running, jumping and throwing in our outdoor multi sports and athletics.

We can not wait to become detectives, engineers and designers! We cannot wait to see and hear everyone’s ‘Bright Ideas!’