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Tweseldown Infant School

Tweseldown Infant School

Year 1

Wow! What a fantastic year we have all had in Year 1. It is incredible to look back on the year that we have had together and see how much we have learnt and grown!


This half term we are going to become Animal Explorers. We are going to kickstart our topic with a trip to Marwell Zoo! We are all very excited to learn about all the amazing animals, where they live and how they survive. We are going to use all the knowledge and experiences gained on our trip to support us with our English writing. We are going to begin our English learning with a recount of our trip, making sure to use all of the suffixes that we have learnt so far this year to make our writing really exciting! We will then choose our favourite animal from the zoo to write a missing poster for! We can't wait to use our exciting vocabulary to write a missing poster filled with adjectives. Keep a look out on your walks to school to see if you can spot any of our animal escapees! We are also going to look at the wonderful book, 'You're called what?!' by Kes Gray to inspire us to complete even more creative writing.


In our Maths lessons this half term, we are going to become number bond experts! We are going to focus on the numbers between 1 and 20 and ensure that we know all the possible number bonds for these numbers. We are going to add different numbers together, making sure that our answer is always the biggest number and also subtract numbers, where the biggest number is always the starting number. 


In our Art lessons, we are going to focus on the artist Henri Rosseau and look at his incredible painting 'Surprised'. We are going to become the artist himself and recreate his art work thinking carefully about the colours and shades he used. Keep a look out for our art work displayed in our classrooms and on our classroom windows. In Music, we are going to listen to the piece of music 'Carnival of the animals' by Camille Saint-Saens and produce our own music in the same style. We will then use this music to create an animal dance in our PE lessons. We can't wait to mimic the style of such wonderful artists!