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Tweseldown Infant School

Tweseldown Infant School


                                                Mrs Hill is our TALA Practitioner

What is TALA – TALA stands for Therapeutic Active Listening Assistant.

  • How can TALA help my child?
  • It’s a safe place to talk
  • It helps children to talk
  • It helps children to feel better about themselves
  • It helps children to recognise and enable correct “choices”
  • It helps children to look at things differently
  • It can help to explore and deal with emotional issues
  • It builds trust and security with continued support

What happens in the sessions?

  1. The child has a regular weekly 1:1 slot of 45 – 60 minutes
  2. The child has a regular weekly sessions for 6 week cycles (these can be continued after appropriate review from TALA practitioner and discussion with class teacher/parent.
  3. The child leads the session
  4. The TALA practitioner carefully plans the next session based on what came out in discussion from the previous session but great emphasis is put on the session being child led.
  5. The sessions are very relaxed and confidential
  6. The sessions will be held in a quiet room with play based materials.

TALA Practitioner

  • TALA practitioners have been specially trained to offer children a safe and supportive environment to talk about issues in confidence
  • TALA practitioners listen to children’s views and do not judge
  • TALA practitioners have regular support meetings with Educational Psychologists and counsellors.
  • TALA practitioners care and want to make a difference to children’s lives.