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Tweseldown Infant School

Tweseldown Infant School


Welcome to Year 2 and Robin Class!

And just like that another half term is done… and what a half term it has been! The children have learnt so much about ‘Castles’ – please ask your child about the different parts of a castle; their knowledge is really impressive! They have thoroughly enjoyed learning about castles and how they have changed throughout history. We have taken a closer look at one castle in particular… Windsor Castle. Which brings us on nicely to our next topic…

The Queen’s Jubilee.  Our key text for next term’s topic will be ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ by Brenda and Brian Williams. The children will start the term by learning lots of facts about the Queen, specifically looking at how she ascended. They will practise lots of different writing skills, and will look in-depth at persuasive writing. Later in the term we will read the text ‘Pick Your Queen’ by Rob Alcraft. The children will then compare our current Queen to Queens from the past, such as Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I.  

In Maths the children will continue to practise their problem solving by applying lots of different areas of their learning e.g. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will then start taking a closer look at different types of measure: these will include length, weight and capacity. The children will learn about the different units which are used, and they will have lots of opportunities for practical hands on experiences.  

In history we will look at Queen Elizabeth II and her father King George VI. We will learn about the term ‘succession’ and explore the current royal family tree. In Geography we will focus on the Queen’s properities and their locations around the UK – we will then take a closer look at Balmoral castle, comparing the features of the village of Crathie to Church Crookham. The children will complete lots of artwork throughout the topic, some highlights will include designing and making their own gem encrusted crown and painting their own royal portrait. The children will look at different depictions of Queen Elizabeth II and will try to recreate the artwork of Andy Warhol. In science the children will explore a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees. They will then use their knowledge about plants to design a garden for Balmoral Castle.  

The adults in Robin class believe that communication is the key to success.  If you have any worries or information that you would like to share with us, then please do one of the following:

•        speak to one of us at the classroom door

•        email or phone the school office

•        write us a message in your child's reading diary (please ask your child to hand this directly to an adult to ensure the message does not get missed)

Have a lovely half term holiday and we are looking forward to getting stuck in with some more exciting learning together in Robin class!

Mrs McKillop, Mrs Janes and Miss Thorne