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Tweseldown Infant School

Tweseldown Infant School

Mental Health & Wellbeing

As a school we promote and support mental health and wellbeing for both staff and children that brings about change particularly after the pandemic and current affairs. We therefore ensure we deliver a whole school approach that:

  1. ensures each child and adult feels they 'belong' at Tweseldown
  2. supports staff and children's mental health
  3. identifies need and quickly offers support when required
  4. monitors the impact of support given
  5. understands mental health and teaches staff and pupils ways to ensure positive wellbeing
  6. creates an environment that promotes respect and values diversity
  7. hears the voice of every child and acts upon it
  8. genuinely works with families to make a difference for each and every child at Tweseldown 
  9. teaches social and emotional learning, resilience and advocates a growth mind set

Please click on the tab to find out how we deliver our whole school approach.